about me



My name’s Sarah. I’ve got anxiety, depression, five cats & a dog. Pets are great.

This is part blog, mostly journal. So if nothing makes sense or I ramble/repeat myself, just think of it as a part of the experience.

I love music, travel, and meditating upon the futility of existence and the generally unethical state of consumption.

As for music, every single title of my blog is a freaking song lyric, and I try not to repeat songs. Soooo, it’s a process. I just like stealing other people’s words and appropriating them.

As stated above, I have anxiety so travel can be a bit of a bitch for me. Like I’ve had the joy of having a nervous breakdown at a five-star resort, a Nairobi apartment, and almost, for some reason, at damned Heathrow. But hey, love conquers all. I want to go everywhere, meet everyone, and fake smiles, everywhere, until I make ’em real.

Half the time, I’m like a nervous, neurotic racehorse that just wants to kick someone or run in circles for a while. Sometimes I also just wanna lay down and die. But I haven’t yet, so that’s something.