if there’s a cool spot in hell, i know you’ll get it

woot woot, i’ve signed up for my last semester. i’m taking three classes and then i’m done! when my advisor told me i should start thinking about graduation, i facetiously asked what graduation was. it has just been so long, too long, of a road to get here. and then there is more road ahead. can’t i just die already????

my advisor told me that she almost wanted to ask if i really wanted to take all three classes, as she was going to miss me. awww! i’m going to miss her too, a lot. she is the bomb. i don’t think i would’ve come this far without her help. life is about missing people. lol or about just trying to be in the moment, missing nothing. i don’t know. i flip back and forth between the two ideas.

tuesday was my first round of classes. i have all three on tuesdays and thursdays. first is world religion, then art appreciation, and finally, environmental science. i feel like they are super easy classes. it’s like i ran out of hard ones.

it’s 4 in the morning. i woke up at 2 and couldn’t fall back asleep so i decided to just get ready for the day. i may regret this decision later.

it’s so dark, the house is quiet except for ava purring intermittently beside me on the couch.

i need to remember to buy my books for class today. i need to remember to be charming today. i need to remember to smile today. plus i’m trying to eat healthier, drink less caffeinated beverages, et cetera. ugh. without caffeine, what am i even?

edit: school was canceled and the campus is closed due to oncoming bad weather. BOOOOOO.




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