i don’t care what the future holds, ’cause i’m right here, and i’m today

me and my dad looked at old pictures tonight, i called myself a nerd over and over. the past was simpler, though, possibly.

here’s me and the original oliver, who was my grandma’s cat, first named tiger until i started calling him oliver over and over until the name stuck:


i really don’t wanna forget about shandar, who is the dark tabby in this picture. he died years ago, at age 22:


getting a santa stocking drawn on one cheek and a helicopter temporary tattoo on the other, a combo that makes no sense, stylin’ as always with my cowlick and a self-cut chunk out of my bangs:

judging by the outfit this is right after seeing santa.



looking like an out of focus, un-self-conscious weirdo at my birthday party:



and then there’s thomas as a kid, pretending to read the bible, looking angelic. it’s ‘ironic’ as he said, ’cause he’s pretty irreligious now. aren’t we all.





here’s my dad and thomas, right before my dad had his right eye removed from melanoma. this was 2001, i think.



i’ve just got loads of pictures now. blast from the past, yo.

then today i took some random pictures and videos of cats, because i was at joey and cari’s house and they have three.

this is one, aptly named kitty:


this is pogo:


for some reason i didn’t get a pic of caspar, who is the most friendly of the cats and the grey one grooming himself here:


they also have a rabbit named peanut:


i was honestly too scared of dropping her to hold her. she is huge and gorgeous tho.


on the way over there, i took a video of downtown dell rapids, which is sorta cute:



my dad found a panda mask.



and that is all. tomorrow i’m headed home in the morning. i didn’t get everything done i wanted, it’s really really cold out (currently -7°F), but i had as good of a time as i could expect. better, even.

oh, and for xmas i got two shirts, one with a stormtrooper and AT-AT in starry night fashion, and a shirt from thomas of bart simpson drinking a super squishee.  i love them both. i also got some money, which is always nice. i’m a lucky person.

i will be happy to be going home, but i feel good about my trip.

glad for the old days, but glad they’re gone, too. even if they never really are, ha.


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