as the quiet becomes suddenly verbose

my hair was meant to be neon yellow at the ends, but it’s magenta instead. the neon orange i had in it wouldn’t lift off or bleach much, and so i had to go a darker route. alejandra tried her best, but it wasn’t meant to be. i’ll just have to grow out my hair, chop off the ends, and try for neon, highlighter yellow another day.

my hair slipped out of its tie last night and i slept with it plastered against my neck, and so now my neck is pink, and yeah. also my hand has thin lines of pink on the back of it. i blame the fact i put like a vat of lotion on before i sleep, because i’m obsessed with moisture like the last human on doctor who, so the dye in my hair can really come off onto my sticky skin.

it’s around 5:30 in the morning now, i woke up at 3 and decided not to go back to sleep.

last night we went to living history farms, to a dinner in a home from the 1870’s, called the tangen house. it was cool and weird. it was dark, all by candlelight, and the people serving us were dressed in the appropriate attire for a house in the 1870’s. the whole meal was adapted from recipes from the time period. all the food was made from a wood-burning stove/oven. it was really great, nice that it was just family there. i actually enjoyed myself. not my picture (found it on the living history site), but this is the tangen house:


plus i learned that the saying “pull out all the stops” is actually referring to the stops on an organ, which is neat, haha. blew my mind.

later today i’m headed to dell rapids. leaving avoca around 8:30, and should make it to dells by midnight.

walking back to the car last night under a light snow and a cloud-filled, orange night sky, i felt nice. peaceful. i’m excited to see my family and childhood home away from home.

the only blip on my radar is the idea that i don’t really have gifts for anyone, as i’m totally broke, because i’m a total slob with money. i can only shrug when i ask myself what the hell i spent it all on. like, idk. clothes? perfume? it’s like i’m half diva. as our illustrious leader would say, sad.

ew tho i actually hate him.

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