can you extract me from my plastic fantasy? i didn’t think so but i’m still convinceable

my mom is making chex mix. i can smell it throughout the whole house. the only downside of it is that it has worcestershire sauce in it, and that stuff is basically liquid anchovies, lulz. grosses me out. but i’ll eat that stuff anyway..

my cousin nichole was in a car accident the other day. i don’t know if she was drinking or what, but she had a head injury and some broken bones. i don’t really know the specifics. it just all makes me really sad. i wish i could keep everyone safe, especially from themselves.

me and nichole were best buds growing up, wreaking havoc on the small town she lived in. then as the years went on we grew apart, until we barely knew each other. sometimes family isn’t forever. relationships change.

was looking through pictures of my grandma’s on facebook, she loves taking pictures with her fancy canon camera. this one is of aidan, robbie’s (nichole’s brother) son, and olivia, nichole’s daughter, when they were younger, at the park, where there is a train car parked in the middle. so freaking cute. i miss them. lol, the last time i saw aidan, he babbled on about airplanes to me in a completely unintelligible way.


i can’t wait to get to dell rapids, see everyone, and take pictures of all the important landmarks of my childhood. i’m seriously going to try to get some good ones, or at least some tolerable ones. like of the library, the old opera house, the movie theater, the bandstand in the park, the old bath house on the bank of the river, the cliff where me and nichole used to hang out at. everything.

who knows when i will get back there again after this trip.

the cats love the tree, which is a bad thing. we’re pretty sure one of them climbed it during the night, as there was water from the base on the floor. i bet it was either rome or javi, they’re the troublemakers.

i’m kind of jealous, my dad and liz and thomas are going to the new star wars movie tonight, at one of those fancy theaters where you sit at a table and eat dinner while watching. fuuuun. nah, i haven’t even seen the last star wars movie completely.

oooh, in 2018 there is going to be an adaptation of the book mortal engines! i love that book because the dedication is for sarah. i’m such a narcissist, lol. no, i actually love the story, all the books, and his other series, railhead. if i had to choose which reality i had to live in, i would totally choose railhead.  in railhead, the internet houses godlike entities, and it’s awesome. if the internet were a god, i would worship. BLASPHEMY.

mortal engines contains a concept called municipal darwinism, in which the best city, aka biggest, wins out. i love it.

IT WAS A DARK BLUSTERY AFTERNOON IN SPRING, lol. i’ve read that first sentence so many times, i memorized it. i hope the film is good. hester was supposed to be a total hideous antihero badass, and i doubt they’ll make her so cruel/ugly in the movie. oh well, can’t have it all.

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