what a beautiful face i have found in this place

my final exams are done in my classes. next week i’m going to get my hair done on wednesday, and on friday i’m going to meet my dad in avoca iowa, a dinky little truckstop of a town amidst many others like it, and we’re all goin’ to dell rapids, south dakota. of all the dinky little towns in the world, dell rapids is probs the one i know best. i’ve been going there since i was a baby, in fact i was almost born there. it’s the home of my grandparents, my aunt, my uncle, my cousins, and a good portion of my childhood memories. i remember biking down on main street with my cousin nichole, going to the dollar store to buy crayons and a little crane figurine for my grandma.

swimming away summers in my grandparents’ pool.

climbing the bandstand in the park.

riding my bike to the library, newly obsessed with reading.

playing spies in the basement of my grandparents’ house with nichole, using a clip-board and a disconnected telephone.

enacting weirdly specific and elaborate murder-mystery scenarios with barbies, again with nichole.

the pink sioux quartzite buildings, the main street single-film theater.

walking down to the park or the river, standing on a cliff that is the last vestiges of a bridge that used to cross it.

my grandma driving through huge puddles in my grandpa’s truck, both of us laughing at the huge WOOOSH! of water cascading away.

there are uglier, sourer memories, too. which is why i have a hard time going back. but i make myself do it, anyway, for the sake of the good memories.

lol, i just wanted to also share these pictures of my cousin’s son aidan in his karategi or whatever, with his stupid little glasses sliding down his nose, so funny:


lol and i can never remember his brother’s name (in the second pic), i’ve barely ever seen him since he was a baby. a new generation, with new memories, some sweet, some not so much.

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