love radiates throughout life’s charade

it all started when my grandma messaged me on facebook, asking me if i was coming up to dell rapids for xmas. i texted my dad, asking if he and liz and thomas were going. of course he says yeah, and do i wanna go too. i said, well yeah. but i worked the 23rd and they were going there on the 22nd.

sooo. i then asked the two other people who work CO if they would cover my shift. both were going to be out of town that day, one with family and one in ames at the store there. so. i was let down, out of sorts, sad. but then i remembered jessie, who i hadn’t seen for a while, and who used to work CO (i even trained her). i didn’t even know if she still worked there, but i checked the lineup and her name was down, she just didn’t have any hours.

i happen to have her number, and so i texted her, and she said she would totally cover my shift. so i finally texted my dad, two days after the initial text, that i would be able to come.

what a rollercoaster of emotion.

oh, and i got 99% on my james baldwin essay, which is stellar.


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