i’ve waited for you out here, but that may be delusional

how the heckin heck do people choose a favorite song, or even genre? for me it’d be like choosing a favorite child. like, they’re all mine. not that i actually have children, but i’m sure music is comparable to mother-child relationships.

here’s javi being weird from the other day:

BY THE WAY. my paper is done, yay! in sadder news, it is terrible. i hate every word of it. like, what is it even about? is it about the play of light and darkness in the story being some sort of metaphorical thingy for race, as this was written in 1957, and things were pretty damn iffy back then, even in NYC? OR, alternatively, is it about how light represents judgment and dark represents fundamental, inescapable human nature? and something about redemption? lol who even cares. it’s a great story, but i get so frustrated when the author doesn’t spoon-feed me clean-cut meaning and metaphor as fuel for my essays. it’s just so freaking rude.

also, it is now almost 10am. i have been awake for about five hours, and i’m tired, as i went to sleep around 2 last night. woops. i’m sure i’m totally ready to work on my final EXAM today. lmao and the professor said that this was the last class she was teaching where she gave an exam, as she thinks in the realm of literature, they are useless. why not skip this exam entirely then, professor, and we can eat cupcakes and watch a movie instead. remember all those times i said i love writing? lulz.


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