lying on the floor, i’ve come undone

EEK. i’ve done it again. i’ve waited ’til the last moment to write a final essay. lulz, it’s gonna be terrible. but actually, i enjoy the pressure a bit. it’s not right, to wait ’til the last minute, i know. and it’s never my best writing, but dammit if the pressure isn’t a little fun.

my essay is gonna be 5-7 pages long, about james baldwin’s story “sonny’s blues.” i printed out the story, highlighted the hell out of it in multiple colors, with a cute little key in the corner, found an article to cite and help along my points, and now i’m going to tear it all up and call it a night. lollolol i wish. so far i’m on page 4 of my essay, and i’m hating it. i hate james baldwin, i hate the narrator, and most of all i hate sonny himself. lol no. i love the whole story, i just freaking hate my own writing, nothing is ever good. i remember using the phrase ‘disjointed and weird’ when describing another paper of mine, and i stand by it. i think that i’ve actually discovered my writing style in this: disjointed and weird. i always wanted a style.

lol, i have lines in this essay that are basically jokes right now, such as ‘light is introduced now to the narrator as an often absurdly cruel tool of, well, enlightenment.’ 

??? ???

yea, wat?


i needed a break, so i’m sitting here, obsessing. AND IT’S 9:40PM. usually, i’m diligently half-asleep or trying to be right now.

here are 13 pictures related to cats, dogs, and anxiety/depression that make me smile, for luck as i continue my journey to a probs b-, high-c grade on this great essay:



























k, also baby goats.



just to letcha know, i STOLE all these pics from other people. i truly am the lady of stolen sappy memes. in fact, i wish to be addressed as such.


2 thoughts on “lying on the floor, i’ve come undone

    1. Thank you for your support. I shall continue to fight the good fight, stealing memes and taking names (I never knew what “taking names” meant, so just to let you know, it means [according to urban dictionary], ‘Recording a list of future contestants who will have also be beaten or defeated in the defined task’) So, I’m going to do that. I’ll have a list of people I wanna steal memes from, and I shall steal memes from them. Thanks again for your input upon my struggle 😀


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