if you’re looking for something easy, you might as well give it up.

spinning in circles. i am connected to nothing. my thoughts are birds of a different feather, all going in their own direction. each to their own. there’s a chaotic wind a blowing, nothing you can reason with. 

i worked this morning, and don’t really know what i wanna do from here on out. i work tomorrow and work the rest of next week except for friday.

we read the story “there will come soft rains” by ray bradbury in class. it reminds me of some horror movie, i don’t know which one in particular. it’s sinister, and dark, but serene in its absence of any real human action or dialogue. i liked it, but didn’t enjoy it. if that makes sense. it is a very depressing story, really. we tore it apart, to find the meaning, until it had no meaning. i remember getting my first taste of literary analysis in elementary school, and hating it. now i like it. what happened? who hurt me?

we also read the story “sonny’s blues”, by james baldwin. i liked this story too, and enjoyed it. it reminded me of ralph ellison’s work. or maybe it’s just the harlem connection that makes them synonymous in my mind.

“sonny’s blues” was melancholy, but there was a moment of resolution for the narrator at the end, that i liked. it had themes of family, race, music, drug use, and so on. fun stuff. 

now to abruptly change the subject to something even more fun. our cat rome is so funny. a black shorthair, she is the smallest cat we have, though she is the same age as her siblings (obviously, lol). she is so petite. but she is the one we have to watch out for, as she keeps chasing bootsie, growling and hissing at him, and batting at him. bootsie, in turn, thinks she is just playing, so will try and play too, and then gets surprised when rome attacks him with full gusto. she’s a cute little panther. a miniature murder machine.


it’s cute, the kittens (well, ava’s kittens; they’re grown up, full-fledged cats now) follow ava everywhere still. they all adore her. just now, she went upstairs, and javi and rome followed quickly. javi and rome are best friends, always cuddling up for warmth. rome and georgie (the black longhair), her sister, occasionally lay by each other, but georgie hates javi. javi chases her, corners her, and bats at her. i don’t know what his problem is.  they all have their different personalities. really the only cat who gets along with everyone is ari, ava’s brother, and her near twin. cats are strange.



lol,  i captured this great picture of ari, with ava lurking behind him as usual. ari looks irritated, ava is wide-eyed and adorable. classic:


ari ignores the other cats mostly, in favor of lucy, and lucy in turn ignores him. the circle of love. FullSizeRender-5


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