i wish i could make it easy

i’ve been watching steven universe. it’s so easy and wholesome, so cute. i have netflix for about a week more, then my subscription is up, as i cancelled it. i have hulu now. i’m unsure how i feel about it yet. the anime selection is bangin’. however, i’m not into anime right now. lol and then netflix went and added mindhunter, which i wanna watch eventually. but it’s a little heavy for my mind, which is now used to the sweetness of steven universe.

also i have another book lined up, which is called tool of war. i preordered it, it showed up a while ago, and now it is sitting, gathering dust on my kindle. it’s the third book in a fairly dark series. as previously phrased, i’m not really doing dark or deep or heavy stuff right now in my media consumption. life is packing enough of a punch, lol.

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