all the noise, all the voices never stop

dismantling the status quo. french, british mandate. american mandate. 

what is good? does one make sure to do everything one can to ensure that good prevails, even if that means compromising with one’s own conscience? or do we just sit and hope?

got bootsie the other day to babysit. he is adorable. the other cats are being mean to him. he’s so easygoing though, he just lets them follow him around as they hiss at him.


i worked the weekend. it was okay. i don’t really know what to say about anything, but i’ll keep typing anyway.

went to see amy on friday. she’s my psychiatrist. i don’t remember what meds she put me on and took me off of. couldn’t remember five minutes after the appointment. i should have taken notes. i feel like a guinea pig. i don’t work tomorrow or tuesday.

lol, rereading this garbage, and i sound really stupid, monotonous and downtrodden. which i am.

i thought i could trust lucy, our dog, to be good when my stepdad dropped me off at work this morning. we left her downstairs, to her own devices instead of shutting her in my room. and she dug through the kitchen trash, scattering peach pits and other gross refuse all over the place.. lol all brent had to do was say her name when he got home and lucy went trotting up the stairs. she knew she was in trouble, and she stayed upstairs until i got home, parked safely in my room. all i had to do at work was the cash office crap, so i was only gone until around 1.

its almost 7, so i’m going to wind down for a few hours before i go to sleep. there’s a lot of dumb details of life on my mind, so i’m going to drug myself up. self-medication time.

ooh, for my mom’s bday brent found a woman on etsy who draws pet portraits, and so i took a picture of lucy, and we are going to have it drawn and framed. pretty sweet idea on his part, and sweet picture of luce on mine. she’s a good pupper. may she never leave us.



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