pretend there’s no tomorrow, i wish there was no tomorrow

woke up around 2:30am. did my usual, went downstairs to walk about the dark house, looking out windows. saw an opossum eating cat food on our doorstep, lol.

then i laid down on the couch and looked at pictures of huge savannah cats and cute little corgis on my phone.

then read a thread about the creepiest things people had experienced while in the outdoors/camping/whatever.

then i fed lucy around 4:30, and took her for a walk with mom.

then brushed my teeth, and got ready to go for the day.

then went to work around 6:30.

now i’m home and watching cartoons and working on homework half-assed. there’s a million things on my mind but i’m just trying to be chill right now for once.


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