the space we fill is infinitesimal

waking up is so hard. i just want to go back to sleep. i just want to dream.

lol the other night i half woke up, and was half-dreaming, and i carefully pulled the pillow sham off my pillow, and threw both on the floor. i woke up a while later, with no pillow, a little confused, and then remembered.

watching/listening to part of the ken burns vietnam war documentary. sad but interesting. war is so relevant. i wish it wasn’t so relevant, so interesting. so sad. limited warfare, proxy wars. its what we get to live with, have to live with. well not really. i’m in a airtight bubble of ignorant bliss called the US of A.

i’m now pretending that the machine gun fire is just balloons popped in extremely quick succession.

war’s like an angler fish. it draws people in and chews ’em up. lol. WAR IS A FISH. it swims around and around in it’s own filth. a half-blind, unfeeling cannibal of the grotesque. never learning, changing very little. yet in it is innovation, from sea to land, blah blahh blahhhhhhh.

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