let the borders get wavy. nothing touches me lately.

my world flows toward peace. then it freezes up around me as i think of you. your name is paired with something like an auditory hallucination of an approaching storm. thunder in the distance, or maybe some faraway war. i think of WWI, the explosions of artillery echoing across the continent. so melodramatic.

life tests me lately. i don’t know if i’m happy or sad or have any emotions or real thoughts of my own. i’m just an obsessive, repetitive ghost of a thought or concept dead for a long long time, yet anachronistic in any temporal setting. maybe i really am dead, and this is just me, a mere thought or dispassionate concept, rotting away. lulz. people should witness me in my tragic state. point, laugh, cry, whatever it is mere mortals do to attempt to show their supposed emotions.

oh wells. i’m dead, pan is dead, and hope flew out of pandora’s jar. the world is a wicked, absurdist landscape, filled with lies and tricks of the mind, called thoughts and opinions. we should all just give up and let evil win. for isn’t evil simply a dead concept like moi, spreading its rot and sad ruin all over heaven and earth and internet? just ignore the pain of it. don’t feed the trolls. we are all the trolls, really.

k, thanks. i’m done for now.

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