you never got to bloom, they cut you from the stem

i felt good for once the other day. worked and went to class, and felt good about it. i’m sort of saving money for once. me and my mom went out for dinner at a thai place, and it was great.

and yesterday i had an appointment with kim. we talked about london, and how i might go still, might not. shrug, nonchalant yawn

i’m starting my paper on hatshepsut. she was cool, possibly. how can you really tell, really? with anyone, not just historical figures. does it matter? in the depths of us, does it matter? or are we all just actions and words? in the end, aren’t we just that, the outside, the collectively remembered? what society says we are. honor’s shiny trappings. i love that quote. i don’t know anything for certain. and hatshepsut had many of her statues destroyed and her name gouged out. almost lost to time and memory. so was she cool? maybe. we may never know.

anywaay, i just have an outline and a few tentative sources, but it’s a start. it’s due at the end of the semester, so i’m proud to start it early. less stress in the long run.

woke up at around 3 this morning, decided to go sleep on the couch, and instead spent the next two hours upvoting pictures of cats and dogs. time well spent. then went to work, then came home, then went to the shipping service place to send tyler his cpu and a box of random garbage. they were closed. open tomorrow tho.



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