do i really need another habit like you

i don’t have class tomorrow, thanks labor day. i work though.

my mom came home friday from NYC. tyler has an apartment now, huzzah! it’s weird, however. tyler’s gone. it just will be strange to not see him, at all. i guess i’m sad about it.

adam is in minnesota at our aunt’s cabin, either with his friends or his girlfriend or whoever the hell he hangs with.

the other night i spent forever reading threads on missing person cases and weird/terrible murders. don’t know why. then of course i slept terrible, with lots of weird and morbid dreams. woke up feeling groggy and disoriented, and immediately wanted to go back to sleep ’cause it was so uncomfortable. it’s the meds, i think.

i’m feeling put out. like a dud firework, just fizzling into darkness. i don’t know what to do about anything, except keep carrying on, which is so effing cliché i just can’t stand it. i don’t know, but i secretly used to wanna be a cliché, like a good one tho. not a sad pathetic one. oh wells, imma keep keeping on still.

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