your class, your caste, your country, sect, your name or your tribe. there’s people always dying, trying to keep them alive

all the wrongs in this world. lol, you can’t just cobble them together and make a right. reminds me of this simpsons episode:

rights don’t look like rights on film, so they use wrongs. if they need wrongs, they usually just tape a bunch of cats together.

this whole thing with charlottesville has me glad we didn’t move there. that was the city brent had a job interview in.

holy hell i cannot stand alt-right bullshit. i can barely watch movies with neo-nazis. they make me too angry. and when i get angry, my eyes tear up, which is infuriating in itself. hard to be taken seriously if you’re crying when you’re mad.

i’m so dumb and naive at times tho. when i was younger, i remember saying something along the lines that racism had gotten a lot more under control, et cetera. who the hell am i to make a judgement like that tho? i’m a sheltered white girl from the midwest, USA. i’ve lived in small towns my whole life, with little to no diversity. the only non-white person i can remember being friends with growing up was a kid from Laos, and he stands out in my memory only because his older brother died and i can remember how big of a tragedy it was in the town we lived.

my foster-sister is biracial, black and white, but her race never stood out to me as a factor to who she was as a person. i never thought to ask her if she had faced any discrimination or hate because of the color of her skin. like i said, i’ve been pretty sheltered. my trip to kenya is really the only culture-shock i’ve had. i like to think of myself as entirely open to other races. honestly tho, i’ve never been around racism. i never had to speak up. would i, if i faced it, directed at others? i like to think so. but i’m also very non-confrontational, so it could go both ways. my mom told me she thought i would definitely speak up. but knowing myself, i don’t know. i have to hope i would.

people who say race doesn’t matter don’t mean that. they just have never had to deal with the repercussions of race. they mean that they wish it didn’t matter. they wish we could acknowledge the differences between people without letting the differences divide us. and that’s for everything: race, religion, sexual orientation.


my facebook feed has been blowing up over the kenya election. craziness. i wish the best for that nation, and its citizens.

it is 6:20 in the morning.

this has been all over the place. now, to work.

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