you want to be my healer, now that i’m up in flames. but i was burned before the fire

lmao @ the 13th doctor reveal reactions.

“why are they catering to that demographic, when they should be catering to my demographic” cry out outraged ex-fans everywhere.

“i’m not a sexist, and am actually quite progressive, but not when it comes to this fantasy/scifi thing. you just don’t mess with that”


I had my reservations too, just ’cause everyone else did. i honestly just didn’t wanna deal with the inevitable complaints and negativity. but i got over it, and i got excited for something new. though in all fairness i too will miss capaldi. but i’m a crap, or perhaps spectacular, fan, really. i have very little criticism for most of the shows i choose to watch. the one and only show i really couldn’t dedicate any time to as i thought it had gone down the drain was Dexter, and that was a rare and tragic case.

if you really think doctor who is ruined and won’t even give it a chance, because a gAsP woman was cast, you are like the definition of a sexist simpleton in my mind. i don’t care how progressive and open-minded you like to pretend to be. if this is just something you can’t wrap your fragile mind around, then you need to do some soul-searching, and perhaps stop declaring yourself to be progressive at all. sorry for the gatekeeping, but seriously, there has to be some guidelines, right?

in other news, my little bro is still in spain, though in a few days he will be travelling to france, and i’m still a little envious. but i’m super happy he got this opportunity.


looking way too tan to be wearing sunscreen, and, according to his friend, constantly cycling through the two dress shirts he brought with, lol


my older brother is dead-set on moving to NYC, no matter what, though he might live here for a while. here as in with us. in the same house. and then there’s me, not really doing much, living out my days working and sleeping. this really is the american dream.

hey tho, i’m not gonna complain despite my eternal existential crisis. i am healthy, i have insurance (for now), and i have people in my life who care about me. plus, i can gorge on the anger of scifi fans around the world as they rant and rave and possibly suffer from meltdowns, over a fictional character. hehe. life is entertaining, at least.