all my enemies are turning into my teachers

my mom and brent are traveling to atlanta to go to a basball game and be tourists and such.

i’m gonna be alone until tuesday. it might be fun, might be deeply depressing. probs both.

today me and kim discussed guilt and self-hatred. it was interesting. i decided i disliked cruel/unkind people most of all because their behavior’s contagiousness: they made me feel cruel/unkind for wishing harm upon them. my initial reaction towards hate is hate.

you can’t really just go around tearing out people’s eyes in retribution, and call it justice. it’s more complicated than that.

i don’t know. i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again: the abyss stares back.

the things we fear the most have already happened.

we are the things we warn people about.

et cetera.

on a happier note, today’s my older bro’s birthday. i don’t get to see him tho. still, i’m going to get him some steam gift cards or something. it’ll be grand.

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