you’re still the one pool where I’d happily drown

i’m okay.

life grates on me sometimes, but i’m okay. i always find myself again, or at least i do so far.

we are cat-sitting my mom’s friend’s cat boots again for a week, and he is the best. the first couple of days were annoying because our cats were acting all mean and territorial towards him. he, being the best, chill, cool cat, just ignored them as they yowled at him and followed him around the house, observing him closely like he was some weird alien lifeform, even tho they saw him like a month ago and were chill with him then..

ugh i’m going to sleep now. i spent like half an hour looking through some of my memes saved on my laptop, lol most of them are depression/suicide related, but funny of course. so tired. i work so hard.






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