well this side of mortality is scaring me to death

today’s my birthday.

i plan on doing nothing. worked this morning. i’m gonna play world of warcraft, and do nothing.

i’ve been pretty down the last few days. just the usual reasons. my brother adam is in spain now, for the next two months, and besides the raging jealousy, i’m gonna miss him a lot. we have our hiccups, but i love that kid.

my older brother tyler got his diploma, and i’m jealous of him too. i’m just jealous, of everyone. it’s not really being mad at them, tho. i’m mad at myself for not progressing faster. i just wanna be everywhere at once, and done with everything at once..


i feel like my warcraft character. there are so many quests, but i don’t feel ready for any of the ones with big payoff. in real life i’m only level 24 and in warcraft i’m only level 32. i just don’t know what to do to progress right now, in reality or warcraft. lmao, maybe i should get outta orgrimmar and get back to des moines 🙂

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