i am under no disguise

december 9, 2013



goats, goats everywhere. i took a few pictures for my mom, who always wanted to keep goats. elsie said when she was pregnant with darrel she craved goat, but lived in iowa by then. she had a hard time finding goat to eat here. finally she found it in an international grocery store. my mom craved mexican food when she was pregnant with her eldest, tyler. luckily mexican is more common here than goat. 


there were also lots of people walking along. i wondered where they were going, what they were up to. i had been cooped up in the car for too long, i wished i was out there too. I wondered where I would be going, what I would be up to.


we went to ames today. my mom's hair is totally blonde now. and then in two weeks she is going to dye it silver. it's a change, but i love it. me and my brothers enjoyed comparing her to everyone from taylor swift to boris johnson, lulz. we're mean.


i had a bland smile on my face throughout lunch. tyler and adam are always annoying together. they clash. they pick on me. boo hoo.

adam wants to borrow tyler's gopro for when he goes to spain, and tyler won't let him have it. he has such a chip on his shoulder sometimes.


i’m looking at hand of fatima/hamsa hand necklaces and bracelets for armela as a going-away present. they’re all pretty, but i’m too obsessive to pick one right away. i’m really going to miss her.




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