what do the gods know? they’ll never see the stars look as small as this

i got 99% on my last paper in my contemporary literature class!!! the civilwarland one. that was the one i was really worried about as i bombed one of the previous papers (ha at 82%, womp womp).

i’m relieved. and now i have summer to do whatever i want, as i didn’t like any of the class choices for summer. so work it is! and after fall semester i have two classes left and then i’m done with this stupid two-year-drifted-into-a-million-year school!!!!

hell, who knows how long an actual four-year degree will take me?

but anyways, my mom and stepdad are leaving tomorrow for my stepsister’s graduation ceremony thing. they’ll be back sunday. i’m glad i don’t have to go. tho armela’s gonna be there ’cause her boyfriend is graduating too. but still. glad i don’t have to go.

same old same old.

my grandma’s cousin died of leukemia. so, my great-aunt? her name was jacqueline. i don’t remember her face at all. and now she’s gone. that’ll be me one day.

on that somber note, i’m going to sleep.

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