an infidel for commitments

uuugh i got 82% on a paper i wrote. i feel like shit about it. i left it until the last minute and didn’t really try that hard on it, and i feel like i really messed up. now it’s throwing everything i wrote in my classes into a suspect light, as if perhaps i did poorly on all the writing. so i’m waiting to get my score for my rough draft back on my persuasive essay, and i’m worried.

i guess you could say i’ve been a little bit more down than usual lately. adam’s definitely going to valencia, and my older brother’s graduating come may, i think. i feel for my stepsister as she is really stressing about law school, the cost of it and everything. armela passed her social work certification thing.

and i’m just coasting, trying to wake up every morning, trying to look like i’m productive at work, trying to do my homework on time, trying, trying, trying. oh well, at least i’m trying. that counts for something, right? happy april fools day ❤

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