all my schemes, drifting on the wind

something so delicate, so precious, born into a hostile world. i worry for it all.

midterms came and went, and i have an A in my classes.

it’s spring break. i’ve been sick the past few days. i work tomorrow and the weekend.

i just started a nice book. it’s not really nice, i suppose, but it’s nicely written. it’s dark tho. it’s called “baltimore, or, the steadfast tin soldier and the vampire.” it reminds me of bram stoker, so gothic and bleak. plus the whole vampire thing. i like it so far.

“A hospital ought to be a place of healing and wonder. War obliterated all such illusions. Those who emerge from hospital more or less as they entered are fortunate, for they have been to the necropolis and survived. The soldiers I healed were sent back onto the battlefields because the war had not finished with them yet. The hospital and the war were conspirators, you see. The one feeding the other, and being fed in return.”


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