you got the easiest position to destroy my life. all you have to do is arrive

my therapist is having knee surgery so is gonna be out of commision for a few weeks.

my brother is going to valencia for a study abroad thing, probably. he just has to have a few references from school and work.

i only work wednesday, thursday, and saturday this week. plus class was cancelled for today, and we don’t meet at all in the other class all week because we have these little meetings/conferences with the teacher, one on one, instead. i had mine today at 1, it was great. she helped me nail down my next paper topic, and said i did great on my last one. i like her a lot, naturally.

sooo i just have class on thursday and then that’s all, as next week is spring break.

i haven’t been sleeping well. every time i toss or turn, i wake up. and i toss and turn all freaking night.

i feel sometimes when i’m socializing like i’m throwing myself out into the world like confetti in a hurricane. it’s so futile.

on a happier note, i love our cats. especially ava. she is so sweet, she is still partly feral so is very shy but every once and a while she will come sit by ya on the couch and just chill. and she plays with the other cats, running around all bright-eyed and bushy tailed, and you know then that she is comfortable, that this is her home, and she’s happy. this is her sleeping:



plus she loves having her brother ari around. he ignores/looks down on her mostly, but every once and a while he will let her lay by him: such as here with javi lurking in one pic and mirroring ari in the other.


her kittens are more than a year old now, named javier (javi for short), rome, and fuzz/floofy (we try not to call fuzz floofy, because then our dog lucy thinks we are talking to her, and she gets confused).

the father cat, or the cat we are pretty sure was the father, was hit by a car a couple of months ago. it is sad. he was totally feral, would only eat the cat food we left outside but never let us approach him.

javi loves ari, and follows him around constantly. ari does not like javi as much, ha.

fuzz follows ava around, meowing loudly, all the time. fuzz is a big black furball. where ava goes, fuzz is surely close behind. though occasionally she seems confused and instead follows ari, who loves my mom the mostest of all:


i don’t have many pictures of fuzz, she is pretty camera shy.

rome is the smallest cat. rome and javier are buds, they snuggle on lucy’s bed all the time. rome likes to hide under things: unnamed


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