fact isn’t what you see

class is all done with, and i’m pretty sure i got a solid A, and the instructor emailed me saying i was one of her brightest students and my final essay had a lot of excellent insights. yay. and  here i was very apprehensive about submitting it because i felt like it wasn’t some of my best work. i swear i blushed reading her email. i was super embarrassed, am always embarrassed, at praise.

so happy. plus work is done until after xmas, and on saturday i’m heading to cancun early in the morning. and then after cancun i’m going to kansas to see my dad, which will be nice, and i’m going to be on my best behavior. it’s been a hard few days leading up to this, but i’m feeling good today.

i’m going to get katie at work a gift in cancun, as her birthday is coming up and she works that day. i might try and get everyone a gift, actually. if i can. at least get some candy or something that i can bring to work and share with everyone. i want to get armela something, but i also want to get parveen something, as when she went home to india she got bracelets for me, and then i would want to get fatema something, and then i would want to get everyone something as i wouldn’t want to leave anyone out because i like them all for all they do.

life is okay.


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