this game of cruelty hardly becomes me

monday is the final, yay

i work the weekend, i work monday-wednesday, and then come early saturday, we are headed to cancun.

yesterday was a bad day. i set mom off and i felt bad about it. i always get suicidal overload after that. like, i always have suicidal thoughts in a casual way, but this new, more sinister voice just whispers to me even more ardently, that i was right before, that i really should kill myself now, that people really are better off without me. i’m better today i think.

our final project is giving out bags of candy and inspirational notes to random people on campus, which is funny and nice. i also have my final essay almost done, which is great.

this is really an easy class. we can make up one test if we wish. i’m already getting an a-, per my usual. but i want a full-blown A if i can get it. so i’m making up exam 2, trying to get 100% on it. i’m feeling better, i guess. more energized.

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