afraid when the phone rings another breath of life has ceased. it seems it’s just lost so easily

it’s monday again. i spent this morning stocking toys and home stuff.

this morning lynn scared me by asking me what my availability was for the 18th, and i told him i had requested that off. he said that it wasn’t entered in the computer as such, and i told him i had submitted it about a month ago. i was so scared that he would say that he couldn’t find it, and i don’t know what i would have done then. i couldn’t not go to cancun. so i’m glad he found it, lol.

now i’m waiting for class.

this one girl at work, zoe, is really torn up that her grandfather died. she talked to him a couple of days before he passed and he said he was doing fine, but as she said, he wasn’t. i feel so bad about it. i don’t know how to make her feel better, and i wish i could. there’s nothing to say to make it okay.

self-centered as i am, i can’t help feeling bad i am not as close to my grandparents as she is. but it’s different, i tell myself. my grandparents kind of suck sometimes. but don’t we all?

i really should tell my dad and everyone we are going to cancun. they don’t know. i’m afraid to tell them because my dad gets jealous of everything. it’s pathetic i worry about it, but i do. hell, if i could bring him with i would. i guess i wish he could come with. my dad deserves a vacation. plus he should see the world and all the stupid five-star resorts have to offer. oh, and chichen itza! so excited about that.




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