see I’ve already waited too long, and all my hope is gone

yesterday was class. i took uber from work, and waited forever, i was so sleepy. i had a few moments of stupidity when i kept going to the classroom to check if the teacher was there yet, but finally realized that the class starts at 12:50 and it was not even 12 yet.

my laptop almost died as i waited. same.

i took uber home, and stayed alive and concsious for a few hours, then went to bed around 7. i swear i freaking hibernate every winter, i get so tired so early at night. i just want to sleep all the time.

today was just work. we got through the entire cycle of markdowns with a compliance of 77%, which has to be 80%. but the cycle closes tomorrow, so that should be alright. i see my therapist tomorrow, which is nice. then saturday i work, so that is not great, but sunday i am off. it is a rollercoaster of emotion, my life.

i’m off of work from the 15th of december ’til after xmas, so that’s going to be amazing. and i’m totally going to the doctor who xmas special in the theater, tho i don’t know which day i’ll see it yet.

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