how content are the ones with simple demands

it’s night. well it’s actually only 6:45pm but it’s so dark out it may as well be midnight.


i finished with getting caught up with westworld, which is pretty great. it’s sad, or funny, or something to me. it means something. it’s a good show. i swear, i live in the time of television. seems like it just expands so far, it’s epic. lulz. getting sappy over tv. i’ve been switching between that and gotham, which is pretty good but very different than westworld.

i fall asleep to cartoons tho. i need simplistic story lines to keep my mind on a nice narrow track, otherwise it wanders to the freaking moon. tonight’s show of choice is futurama, wherein they coincidentally do go to the moon in the second episode. i cannot fall asleep to silence half the time. my mind shouts for attention.

class went well, work flew by. not in that order. i was prescribed another medication, so that’s just dandy.

i’m in the CO tomorrow. i have to make a change order, but should be outta there by 10. and then on wednesday i do markdowns. yay so happy, looking forward to being done with tomorrow. so exciting.

imma go to bed now, and in three to four hours i will be asleep. early start tomorrow. it’ll be a blast. i can’t stop yawning. and when i yawn it squeezes my tear ducts, until i’m practically crying. i hate it because it screws up my makeup throughout the day. i’m vain like that.

2 thoughts on “how content are the ones with simple demands

  1. Just found this post by accident. Soo… I’m leaving a comment. Westworld is crazy, huh? I just caught up myself, and I’m looking forward to the final episode this weekend. I have to say, it’s pretty awesome how the writers can make you feel for “robots.” Also, non linear storytelling is hard to pull off, and that’s exactly what they’ve done (of my theory is correct).

    Anyway. That’s all this random person has for the moment. Wishing you the best! 🙂

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    1. Yeah, Westworld is crazy. I feel like the storytelling is so expansive and intricate, I find myself binging on it without losing interest.

      And yes, the hosts are amazing. They make the “real” people look inhuman compared to their depth of emotion at times.

      Thank you for your comment, it means a lot, wishing you the best as well 😀


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