you close your eyes and all you see is red

fictional tv shows are my choice of documentary.

i’m okay today.

still mad at brent for being himself. disappointed, really.

he got back from montana, his interview went well. we will know within the week whether he got the job. he’s a lawyer. this is a construction/engineering company. he likes construction law. weirdo.

also still disappointed at reality. still in denial at the trump win. oh well. it’ll be alright. like so many people are saying, life will go on. half the garbage he was spewing was totally unconstitutional anyway, so it won’t fly. but then i think of stuff like wwii, when thousands of japanese-american citizens were interned after pearl harbor. i worry shit like that will happen again, this time with muslims. people act all complacent, like stuff like that couldn’t happen here, in this day and age. but it could. hopefully people wouldn’t stand for it. but hope can be arrogant i suppose.

and the constitution does not extend past the borders, so who knows what hell he will wreak on the world. maybe he will stick to his isolationist guns tho, and nothing will occur with our help..

not like i was a huge fan of obama’s foreign policy. i’m not even a fan of my own. i don’t have one. i wouldn’t act as a leader. i would freeze up with indecision, because of all the factors involved.

said on gotham: ‘you can’t have both happiness and truth. you have to choose.’

i’m currently watching that show in my spare time, it’s amazing. jim gordon is such a great cop, lmao. but he has to keep making decisions that put him more and more into grey areas of the law. poor jim. soo great to watch though. my favorite quote is: ‘everyone has to matter, or nobody matters.’

another: ‘sometimes the right way is also the ugly way’.

they’re simply worded, but they make me think all philosophically.

well, off to class.

sociology was nice today. we talked about classes and inequality and social stratification, et cetera. i love thinking about stuff like that. i have a solid B in the class, because i missed a day so missed out on that day’s participation sheet. oh well, no ragrets.






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