the years burn

i’m feeling rather stilted and formal today.

i enjoy having some people around because of the novelty of them. like, this one person i know is someone i consider a friend simply because i know they are waay more idealistic than i. they are strong in their beliefs.

i’m a total flip-flopper. i am swayed by a slight breeze.

i just know at the end of the day, this person i know is going to be the same. they can weather the storm. and if they broke, i swear i would cry. ’cause that would truly spell the end, if they couldn’t tell right from wrong anymore. because if they can’t, who can? certainly not a grey creature such as i? no, i’m meant for the morally uncertain ground, never quite sure if i’m villainous in my thoughts or something better.

and i truly love this friend of mine, because they are so just. they are kind when others don’t think to be. and that is beautiful to me.

i’m probably a little condescending in my thoughts of this person at times, because they seem almost guilelessly angelic to me, i just want to write them off at my cynical lows as just that: stupid. but they always do something to remind me that they have some sort of wit about them, and i am amazed all the more.

lol i still feel sometimes i am clapping at a child doing some sort of mundane thing, or praising a puppy for peeing outside as they should, but i swear i do have the utmost of regard for this person. in this world we live, as it always has been, it is difficult to find those kind of people you can set apart and truly call good. the rest are down in the mud with me.

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