that’s why you’re here, stateless

my dad is coming through town tomorrow, so i’ll get to see him. we might have lunch or something fun.

work went well today. my arm hurts from hanging clothes on it because we ran out of space so i had to just carry the clothes around for a while instead of bustling back and forth to hang it up. saturday and sunday i am in the CO. fun times. ugggh and next week i’m doing stocking all freaking week. i hate stocking. there’s always a chance i will be called up to register. i hate register more than¬†anything in the store.

i have some homework to do, but it’s simple work. i have a test come monday. i’m not nervous about it. this seems like a pretty straightforward class: as long as i stay on top of the homework, participate in class, and read the chapters she assigns, i’m golden.

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