they’ll name a city after us, and later say it’s all our fault

free will.

i think we have it, but not truly i suppose. we are all so intertwined with our families and communities and everything around us. in more individualistic communities, is free will more powerful? i doubt it. we all seem to choose similar paths to those around us, similar agendas.

and even opposing agendas, it seems people go about achieving them in the same stupid ways. that’s why i always have a hard time in discerning the goodies from the baddies in this life of mine: it’s avoid-avoid, all the choices seem the same amount of awful.


on a personal note tho, a favorite author of mine is finally releasing the next book in her series, in 2017. better than before, when there was no release date, title, or cover for it out yet for like five years. SO EXCITING.

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