won’t ever let them make a loser of my soul

today is another boring day. it’s only 11 and there is nothng to do. i’m kind of regretting this time off. oh wells, i would rather be here, bored out of my skull, than at the store, working as a cashier.

now that gautam and dah have the cash office under control, and we have no markdowns except for subsequents on thursday, there’s nothing for me to do in the store that doesn’t involve customers. ew. customers.

i feel as though julie and michelle both dislike me. they aren’t mean to me but they are mean to others. especially michelle. they’re snakes, can’t be trusted at all as to what their intentions are. nothing bad on snakes as an animal, i actually like snakes. but the saying stands.

there is only one homework assignment this week, and it is due sunday. it’s some warped world where i’m wishing for more to do.

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