what it is and where it stops nobody knows

i read a book once, the dream merchant. it was about children who worked for a company that sold ideas through the dreams of humanity, going back through time. a beautiful, nice book, but such a dangerous idea. selling ideas to people. ideas are dangerous. people are imperfect and i think they are poor holders of ideas. i for one do not want to be the poster child of my own ideas, as i am imperfect. i would be a terrible spokesperson for positivity, for self-love, even though i try my damnedest to love myself and to be positive. that’s why we love to hate on celebrities and politicos. they are such poor representations of their own ideas. people are so fickle, flighty, epically ephemeral things.

like flames in the dark dark world, we are all so swayed by the winds of societal pressures and internal strife.

i’m just blathering away here really. it’s just that sort of day.

but really i just hate propaganda lately. it all comes back to my freaking twitter feed in the end.


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