hang me up to dry


why can’t people all just be simple? i used to think people were simpler, and they are simple as much as they need to be on their own. but in groups it all just gets more complicated, and the world is just filled with millions of overlapping different groups, clashing and reforming like schools of fish. i remember being younger, knowing this concept, and yet struggling to paint a picture of it in my mind. i look at everything from too many angles and i have no real agenda/ideas of my own, so i just get overwhelmed and confused. it makes me feel even dumber than i am.

i’m teetering and tottering on the edge of doing a twitter purge, to just the basics. i’m getting sick of wondering who is trustworthy and who is spinning lies and pushing ideals of their own on others and me. i’m impressionable to propaganda. i’m an idealist, a dreamer, looking at the world through rose-tinted glasses of my own. so when i find my vision superimposed on someone else’s, it just gets waaaay too rosy, it ceases being even remotely real. i need the truth. in the past i’ve said the truth is dead or it’s not real, but i never stop looking, ugh.



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