don’t go, tell me that the lights won’t change.

i used to run at night. thinking i was faster than i was, feeling weightless and small in the big wide night world. lmao. like a little bat, consuming little moths in the desolate, sinister dark. still younger or dumber people than i tell me not to worry so much, not to be so down, and things will be just fine. but the world i know isn’t like that. it isn’t stupid, complacent, happy, muddling along. it’s weightless and airy yet dark, it is sprinting through the night, just ready to scoop you up and devour you. as much as i bitch about hating the world, dark and sinister as it is, i love it too. i love it like the black sheep loves the family. i will never truly belong, but i will always look on fondly, shaking my head in disgust..

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