leave all your love and your longing behind

here’s one of my old notes i found in my email, lmao. i was super manic or something, and temporarilly obsessed with history: “cancerous droves, limited by their love of each other’s violent tendencies. im on top nao. theres nothin’ that could bring me down, ‘cept total failure. and even after this, as we’ve seen in the past, i’ll get back up on top. bold, aggressive. fucking assyrian, ashur. we are talking ninevah librarians, here. forged through war, conquering the caanonites. i saw you drive those aamu back. i saw the fear in the hyksos eyes.” i think like the aamu was a word for the bedouin or something. but i have no idea what i was talking about really. i had to google my own words to know what the hell i was talking about at the moment. my mind is a steel trap….

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