this ain’t no place for a hero to call home

my mom finally got a laptop of her own. yay! now i don’t have to share mine. met a woman from the DRC in my class the other day. she was 10 when her family travelled to the US sponsored by the UNHCR, basically as refugees. she saw people killed right in front of her. I proofread her essay about it. my friend armela is from bosnia, like a few of my friends are. and she and her family left when she was about 4 (?), around the time the genocide occurred. she doesn’t remember anything of it, but she says it’s very surreal, hearing her family talk about going from town to town in hiding, trying to get out of the country. they also came to the states, obviously.. the human spirit endures so much, inflicts so much, pain. i hope we don’t move to north carolina. i don’t want to be that far away from family. i would rather move to like chicago, which is nearer, and has better transportation. plus tyler might move with us at least then, ’cause he freaking loves chicago. but north carolina, there’s nothing i want there.

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