hello mystery, don’t bother to explain

remember that dream? no? probs ’cause it was my dream and this isn’t inception, or 2010, when inception came out. so long ago i don’t even remember when, i had this dream, this hazy, sultry dream, about a party at a house somewhere. and it was winter, snowing. but the theme of the party seemed tropical almost. all of the people were either really close loved ones or total strangers, can’t really remember. all i knew was that you were there and i had to see you, if it killed me. but anyway, i looked for you in that party scene, i walked room after room and couldn’t find you. finally i asked someone, and no, you had just left. i went outside, and it was so cold, and the snow fell, and i was so alone. that’s my life now. frigid, ugly cold and so dark and alone. and you’re fuck knows where. dream party hopping son of a bitch.. that is my life now. it’s fading, the memory of that dream. i don’t want it to, though i know the reason i never see you in the dream is that even if i did, how would i view you? i can barely remember your stupid, stupid face.

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