i can then forget the minute we met. it moved so slow, and collapsed time

the semester started on monday. i worked on monday and wednesday and had class monday through wednesday, so it was a dance of hitching rides to class and taking a cab once, plus a lot of waiting. i’m learning (trying to learn) turkish on duolingo for kicks. so far all i can remember to say is ekmek ve su (bread and water). lol. i’m sure that will impress the turks of the world. i’m taking anthropology and business law. the anthro teacher is kind of kooky, very animated and constantly going off on tangents. the business law teacher is an attorney, and just so happens to work at the same law firm as my stepdad. small world. i’m still worrying about class, but after this next week i will be able to have a guaranteed ride to work and class from my mom, like the child i am, so that’s one less stresser so i can just focus on being stressed about class. one awesome thing is that it looks like i’m only going to have to do a research paper and no presentations for either class! yaaay! the classes are larger than i’m used to, as i’m used to night classes. that’s alright though. i’ll get used to it

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