the digital won’t let me go

tonight i work and then i don’t work again until tuesday. crazy. just finished the show dollhouse last night on netflix. it was good. wish it had lasted longer than two seasons. oh well it was easier to binge on that way. finished it in like a week. i got to see jackie a while back. she was in the US for the first time. she said it was weird and she could never live here. hahaha. i wouldn’t mind living in kenya though, if i could stay with her family for a while. she has maids and now lives in a five-bedroom house. it probably has a gate and guards like all of the other nice houses in nairobi. hell, even the apartment building she lived in when i was there had a gate and guards. she said that was the weirdest part about america. no gates, no guards, no walls, everything in the open. she said it was strange getting used to it. she’s back in nairobi now. i’m glad she got home safe.

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