he doesn’t look a thing like jesus, but he talks like a gentleman

don’t you hate when you post something online like on facebook, and everyone ignores it? it makes me sad. i mean, i know that they just don’t have the same interests as me, whatever, but can’t they just pretend for a second? can’t they just choose to expand their narrow little horizons for one moment? i just feel really alone in caring about things in the world…. haha the article was probably too depressing to read for them. it was about what countries are bombing each other in the middle east and i was reading it to expand my syria knowledge. it’s like no one cares about the world sometimes. or at least none of the people i know. jaded assholes, i guess. they watch one sad news story and suddenly it’s all too much for them. makes me so irritated. there are people in other places living this shit… i know that it is easy to feel helpless when wars are waging thousands of miles away, but that doesn’t mean you live in willful ignorance. these things should be understood by all. fuck, i’m still half-depressed and lonely as hell, but that doesn’t mean i’m going to live with my head in the sand. i’m seriously thinking about later on and whether i’d like to get a minor in middle eastern studies. ’cause it fascinates me to no end. i neeeeed to know more. sorry for the stupid preachy rambling…..

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