all of my life been wadin’ in water so deep now we got to swim

been really into the war in syria. researching and researching for no particular reason than how tragically captivating it is. as a complicated civil war there are so many different groups involved; it’s not just assad and anti-assad as i initially thought. there are so many names to remember and keep straight, so many rebel groups and islamist factions it is kind of confusing coming in. the syrian civil war subreddit’s FAQ page is extremely helpful. i’m not really rooting for anyone (except the civilians) in the war, as there is so much at stake and so much misinformation spread in a war like this or any war in particular. i just really want peace for the people of syria and iraq, and the entire middle east, from people like daesh. but i’m not a fan of the assad regime either. i wish i could say we should stay out of it all, but it has the possibility of affecting us all, as daesh has such a far reach. it’s like a disease, it could hit anyone, old or young. but then, if western nations get more involved, it has the possibility of more negative repercussions. i don’t know. i just don’t know…..i bet i’ll be dreaming about it soon i’m thinking about it all so deeply.

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