don’t think that i’m pushing you away, when you’re the one that i’ve kept closest

adam’s wrist is broken and he will have to have a cast up to his armpit for at least 6 weeks, a shorter cast up to 6 months. poor kid. class is going well. i have one assignment left for the first unit and then i’ll be done with it, early for once. all around, i’m feeling much better. i still have bad days but i think tms has helped significantly. and it’s not a placebo effect, as i frankly did not believe it would work and am still in disbelief. but i feel unmistakably better off. i’ll actually be sad to not see john anymore, as i only have one appointment left. i thought about befriending him on facebook, but it would be weird i think. i’m not trusting enough, lulz. things at work are going surprisingly well, although someone stole a 50 out of my purse, which i thought i misplaced. then they stole another and i knew for sure. it’s my fault (responsibility) though, as i left my purse with my coat, in the open, like a naive idiot (haha yeah not trusting at all). now i keep my wallet with me at all times at work, and don’t even bring a purse. just not worth it, as i don’t have a locker ad don’t feel like asking for the combo for one. i’m nearing actual happiness. things aren’t perfect, but they have improved. i’m just going to try and remain in this same mindset and take it all one step at a time.

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