and all i want is someone to rely as thunder comes a rolling down

i got 55/60 on my exam. barely studied. not bragging, i’m just pleasantly surprised. now i just have to force myself to tackle my project with nichole. not looking forward to that. one hoop to jump through at a time. a teacher once told me that. life is a series of hoops that you jump through. many of them are going to be ones you don’t want to jump through, but you do anyway. we are all just trained bitches. lulz. the new med makes me want to vomit every time i think of food, which sucks because i’m supposed to eat at least 300 calories with it. i have to force myself to eat. another hoop. oh well, focus on the good. the exam. yay. and tomorrow i see kim. i swear my only friends are my mom and my shrink. FOCUS ON THE GOOD. i used to have friends, and they all loved me for who i was. so there, evil and sick brain. there.

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