catching things and eating their insides

ever hear the story of the frog and the scorpion? it is my favorite story. so simple, but it means so much to me. that and the quote “a million enemies outside the house are better than one within.” i heard that quote when i was 8 and thought of it literally, and thought it was so wise. because i was used to enemies in my own house. im a twistd one. i really thought about it the other day while i’ve been avoiding thinking about it. i still don’t know what exactly i think about it. it’s a dilemma. fo sho. do i accept the fuckupedness of my nature or do i try to overcome it, wipe it out, nip it in the bud? can people change? winston churchill was an interesting guy. he loved butterflies and once nursed a fox kit back to health with his wife. but then again he served in the military and was recorded to have shot a few men in the face. AREN’T PEOPLE SPECIAL?????????????

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